Your New

Desk Buddy


Stay Healthy behind The Desk


GollaGolla Gymnastics is a card game that helps players stay healthy and happy. People spend more and more time behind desks. Meanwhile, we learn more and more about the negative effects that uninterrupted sitting can have on the body and mind.

Each GollaGolla card has an exercise in one of six categories: head, upper-body, lower-body, limbs, ‘take-a-break,’ and combos. These exercises not only help prevent muscles and joints ache free, but also keep your eye-sight and mind sharp and focused.



GollaGolla is made for the office. The box filps right over and sits right on your desk for convenience.

Take Care of Yo’ Self

It’s the little things that add up to long term health. The best way to do take care of your body is to have fun!

It takes a Gorilla

Working long hours can take its toll. The fact is, people were made to move around. Get in touch with your inner gorilla!


There's a GollaGolla for every desk.